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Liquid Detergent Compartment

The special compartment is designed for alternative detergent use, and is compatible with liquid & concentrated liquid detergents.

Anti Crease Function

The anti-crease function provides ready-to-go laundry, separating the laundry and ensures that it remains crease-free.

Special Wool Program

Provides extra care for your hand wash only labelled wools with gentler mechanical movements and a warmer rinsing cycle.

Faster Drying

Compared to the standard vented dryers, the condenser dryer takes 40% less time to dry an equivalent load of the laundry. To dry a 6Kg wash load in the condenser dryer it takes less than 3 hours whereas the vented dryer takes 4 hours or more for the same.

Can Handle Higher Loads

Condenser dryers are vital machines to handle higher drying loads within a less time frame. Hafele washer dryer combo can undertake and complete washing and drying of a 6 kg cotton clothes load in less than 285 mins (5 hours). Drying of 6 kg wash load can happen in less than 168 mins (less than 3 hours).

Professional Drying Results

The condenser dryer dries out 99% of the moisture. Whereas vented dryers are not as efficient as the condenser dryers. The moisture retention in vented dryer is 85% - 90%.

Eco Logic System

The multiple sensors and microprocessors chipped inside the Hafele’s washer dryer combo intelligently identify the wash load, water pressure and adjust the cycle accordingly. During the half load cycle, the washing machine adjusts the intake of water and the wash time. This optimizes the consumption of water and energy, thus making the washing exercise super efficient.

Multiple Drying Level

The Hafele Washer Dryer model has integrated 4 drying programs for cotton and additional 3 levels of drying for laundry other than cottons. You can select drying levels along with 13 wash programs to get an end to end washing and drying result as per your choice.

Stain Level Selection

This program gives you the complete charge of cleaning your laundry your way ! This unique program is provided to ensure that the tough stains are taken care of without giving harsh treatment to clothes. While you select this function, the machine will incorporate an additional pre-wash function and adjust the temperature level based on the fabric and stain-level you have selected. There are 8 programs that allow you to select this function.

Multiple Drying Levels

From jeans to woolens, now get 100% drying

Quick’30 Program

The special program is optimised to lightly wash soiled garments in just 30 minutes.

16 Smart Wash Programs

16 Smart Wash programs to obtain the best wash results for cotton, synthetic, woolens and delicate clothes.

Super- wide Door

The 310cm wide door opening for easy loading & unloading of clothes.

Smart Foam Control

Can detect if there’s too much foam in your washing machine and reduces it automatically, thereby caring for your skin and improving the quality of your laundry.

Auto Restart

Specially developed auto restart feature allows the washing machine to continue the wash cycle in safe conditions when the electricity resumes after power cut-offs.

Smart Motor

Hafele’s NSmart™ motor technology cleans even the toughest stains - with lesser noise and higher durability

Overflow Control

The water level sensor measures water level deviations in the drum and drains automatically when the required level is exceeded.


The clothes you wera throughout the day go throught invariable interactions with pollens, spares and other micro bacterial germs that stay on the fabric till it is duly treated and cleaned. A regular wash cannot rinse out these micro bacterial particles from the clothes. Hafele washing machines and washer dryer combos comes with special allergy safe wash programs that can efficively clean these particles. Thanks to their custom drum movements sensitive temperature control and additional rinse and spin cycles, you can get premium hygienic cleaninig results for all your laundry.

High loads of water


Extra washing power

100% DRY


Multiple drying levels


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