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Vertex Burner Series

The Indian Cooking Code Cracked!

Latest full brass direct flame Vertex Burner series hobs are powerful. The fully Brass crowned lid design, enhances safety, and Ignition pin with brass jacket. The latest design of cast iron pan support complements the burners. New and improved knob design for easy flame control. Long edged beveled glass with matt beveling for a flushed aesthetics.

Zeta Series

Embrace power, sophistication and versatility

The New ZETA Series Hobs introduced in Häfele’s In-house Range of Premium Appliances promise an exhilarating cooking experience which will have you reaching for your hob again and again!


Ivory Series

Simple, Bright and Coherent

The Ivory range of hobs defines coherence and brightness. It simply fits in and synchronizes with any theme and decor of your kitchen.

Aluminium Hobs

Aluminium Hob

Durability, Usefulness and Safety

The Hafele Appliances latest range of built-in gas hobs that are easy to operate and meet all your cooking requirements with unmatched functionality!

Induction Hobs

Induction Hob

Induction Cooking Technology

This is the latest and most efficient cooking technology available. Induction hobs heat up only when there’s a pot on the vitroceramic surface, while the rest of it gets barely warm.

Vortex Series

Indian Cooking Redefined!

Indian cooking is like a painting – there are as many flavours on an Indian platter as there are colours on a canvas. Each cuisine fuses together with unique recipes, traditional spices and the individual touch of the cooking artist. It is this unique combination of diversity and complexity of Indian Cooking that forms the inspiration for Hafele’s Vortex Series Hobs, a range that can support, enhance and inspire the culinary art of India!

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