IRENE FI 02 - Fully Integrated Dishwasher

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Irene FI 02
12 Place Setting Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Juggling numerous tasks at home and work can be a bit overwhelming especially when you do not have the right appliances that help take care of your daily mundane activities at home. Häfele’s premium appliances range equips you with the choice of concentrating on activities that really need your attention. With our range of appliances you can go about your day without the added stress of doing that big batch of laundry or cleaning your utensils. Häfele now introduces advanced dishwashers a hygienic and quiet alternative to your regular washing.

This dishwasher has an impressive capacity with a 12 place setting, aptly suited for an average Indian household. The adjustable upper and lower baskets along with the separate cutlery basket guarantee maximum space optimization inside the dishwasher! Besides, it also has the option of functioning at half load, which is an energy saving solution when you have less dishes to wash! The SoftTouch shelves of the dishwasher prevent scraping and scratching of utensils thus leading to a long life of your precious ceramic wares.

Product Information


Type / Description
Standard Cleaning Cycle
ECO 45°C
Water Pressure
0.04 - 1.0MPa=0.4 - 10 bar
Rated Voltage
230V/50 HZ
Energy consumption of standard cleaning cycle
0.90 kWh
Standard Place Settings
Water Consumption (L)
Energy efficiency class
Annual energy consumption
258 kWh
Power consumption of off-mode
0.45 W
Drying Efficiency
Power consumptionof left-on mode
0.49 W
Noise Level
49 dB(A) re 1 pW
Annual water consumption
3080 litre
Drying efficiency class
Program duration of the standard cleaning cycle
185 min
Could be built-in
Power consumption
Rated voltage / frequency
Water pressure (flow pressure)
0.40 - 1.0MPa=0.4 - 10 bar
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