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The New Combi steam microwaveJ34MCST

The New Combi steam microwave J34MCST allows you to cook around 4 times faster than traditional cooking methods. Steam penetrates deeper into food, removing excess fat and salt while locking in more of the beneficial nutrients your body thrives on. Cooking with steam is also the gentlest method of cooking, preserving foods natural colours, flavour and textures. Therefore steaming not only makes more nutritious but also more delicious meals for you and your family. Steaming allows you to prepare healthy meals with minimal use of oil. With obesity and related illnesses becoming more widespread, the steam microwave makes cooking low-fat meals fast and effortless for even the novice home cook. Use the pre-programmed menus to cook anything from vegetables, meats, poultry and seafood to rice, pasta and pastries with ease. With its versatility, efficiency and ability to help you create tasty, nutritious meals for your family, the steam microwave is a great investment for any home, particularly those with limited kitchen space.


With the innovative steam oven with integrated microwave in combination with a conventional oven you can create a whole new spectrum of culinary enjoyment – for an amazing range of dishes.

Product Information


34 L
Microwave + Steam + Convection + Grill Combi Oven
Full Steam cooking
Full Microwave Cooking
Convection Based Baking
Infrared Grilling
40 Auto-cook Recipes
Cooking temperature range
35 to 230 degrees
Triple Glazed Door
Full Touch Control
Touch open Water tank
Flat bottom microwave
No turntable
Energy Efficiency
Stainless Steel Cavity

Technical Details

Rated Voltage
Rated Input Power(Microwave)
1550 W
Rated Output Power(Microwave)
900 W
Rated Output Power(Grill)
1200 W
Rated Input Power(Convection)
1750 W
Rated Input Power(Steam)
1500 W
Rated Input Power(Maximum)
3300 W
Oven Capacity
34 L
External Dimensions
595 * 525 * 454 mm
Net Weight: Approx
33 Kg
Product Card
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